my lovely lady lumps

feel for lumps, save your bumps

“feel for lumps, save your bumps.”

thats the clever breast cancer awareness slogan that the gilbert high school cheerleading squad whipped up for their t-shirts. these shirts would be worn during their october football games to raise funds for the susan g. komen for the cure.

but *gasp* their principal deemed it too inappropriate for the arizona school setting… mind you, students would be wearing nothing but sports bras & “i heart boobies” bracelets.

i gotta applaud the high schoolers for getting involved for a cause. i never really went to “second base” with myself for a checkup. it wasnt until i switched doctors that i learned that i should be giving myself a monthly bse (aka a breast self-exam).  its a routine girls should start in their teens (a week after their period when their boobs arent acting up.)

its still not a safe-proof for early detection. i had my annual well-women exam this week & what i thought was my chest bone was actually a lump in my left breast.

an ultrasound & mammogram are scheduled for next week & im not gonna lie… i had a minor freak out all day thursday & friday. after some research though, i learned that only 20% of lumps biopsied actually turn out to be breast cancer.

so ladies, go get your women’s exam every year. get poked for blood work. get probed for your pap smear & get felt up by your doc.

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