the breakup

its official. this week, i say goodbye to my old company to start up my own company. im not gonna lie & say that im not scared or sad. for the past 4 years, ive devoted myself to a job that i thought i would never leave. my coworkers (willingly or not) have become my dysfunctional family… a family that ive clocked in more hours with than my own blood family. come friday, ill probably be bawling my eyes out or still be in denial.

ironically, my colleagues have taught me that theres more to life than work. my career is no longer my #1 priority. theyve taught me how to enjoy the little things (like taking lunch breaks away from the computer) & the big things (like taking vacations away from the computer). ive picked up the strangest (& probably most obnoxious) vocabulary from these people– words like totes for totally, errmerrgerr for oh my god, sharsies & halfsies– words that would make any english professor cringe.

when it comes to breakups, many prefer the clean break… the break where you never speak to your ex again because trying to just be friends is just too awkward. not me, these exes will be invited to my wedding.

p.s. lc, can i get one last grammar & spellcheck please? (shes my ex…copy editor & pretzel supplier.)

  1. Loren said:

    spelling & grammar looks fab! loved this! 🙂

    – lc

  2. Geri said:

    ChuChu it already feels colder here without you… although it may be because someone forgot to turn on the heater but it still will not be the same without you. But I know we all wish you all the luck in the world even if we, too, are still in denial. No one can ever replace our ChuChu.

    – gerbear

    • i will try to always go with you to zumba. i know, im a horrible partner.

  3. Kristie said:

    Oh Chu Chu! Your corner is sad and lonely, as well as all of us. As you move onto your new chapter in life remember we are always here for you…only an IM away… 🙂

    • keep me updated on how big the belly is getting. ps i better be invited to the baby shower!

  4. Mikey said:

    So happy for you! If you want to talk biz. Lmk!!!

    • im definitely gonna be asking you lots of questions!

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